We Ship Swords QUICK

At Buyswords.com, we feel that when you order a sword, you wanted it yesterday! That is why we ship every item the SAME day when possible. Unlike many companies, we do not sell out of stock swords and then make you wait forever for them to come back in stock. If our website says in stock, it is here with us in the building. Generally, if you order before 11 AM. Monday through Friday, your order will ship that day. There can be exceptions of course, but barring any issues, all orders will have a tracking number the same day. The item may or may not leave our warehouse the same day though due to shipping companies scheduled pickups being hit and miss since the pandemic. If you ever have a question about an order or shipping times, hit the contact us button and shoot us an email.

Shipping Methods

As far as shipping Methods, we offer USPS and UPS shipping.

Shipping Cost

We charge whatever we are charged for shipping. We have configured our store to offer you shipping rates based on what we get charged or cheaper. To find an item(s) shipping cost, click add to cart. Once you have added what you would like to see the shipping rates for, go to your cart. Then click where it says "calculate shipping". Add your postal code and you will be given the shipping rates for all carriers. You will find USPS to be cheaper and faster when shipping smaller items, but the bigger your order, UPS usually becomes the cheaper option.

Where We Ship

We currently ship to the U.S. and Canada. If you want to order something and are in another country besides these two, contact us and we will see what we can do. If you are ordering from another country besides the United States, import taxes may be due upon arrival. The Customer is responsible for paying the total of these taxes.