Sword Hilt - Parts of the Sword
Today, we continue our learning about swords series with the Hilt: Parts of the sword. We will discuss what a hilt is and what it is used for in relation to swords, daggers and so on.

What is a Sword Hilt?

The hilt on a sword or dagger is a combination of parts consisting of the guard, grip and pommel. Some definitions call it the "handle" which can be a little confusing to beginners as to most people the handle is where you hold the sword.. There are many different hilt combinations on European and Medieval swords as they have many different types of pommels and guard configurations depending on the type of sword and where it originates. The Japanese swords do not use the term Hilt, but Koshirae would be the closest meaning to a Hilt as it takes into account the swords fittings.

I hope you have enjoyed our examination of the Hilt - Parts of the sword. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the section below. Be sure to also see our Sword Glossary and European Swords For Sale.

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