Samurai Sword Terminology
So you want to learn all of the parts of a Samurai sword. No other sword in history has so many names for the various parts of a sword. We are here to help you with most of the common Samurai sword terminology, and we think the best way to do so is with a nice big picture. We first started with taking a picture of one of the swords we had here in the shop and then labeled all of the most common terms you will run into when dealing with the Samurai sword. We have also put the terms and definitions below. If you would like the definitions of more sword related terminology, make sure to visit our Sword Glossary. Also, be sure to check out our Samurai Swords for Sale.

Kashira - Metal piece at the end of the tsuka

Menuki - Metal ornament under the tsuka ito

Tsuka Ito - Cotton or silk wrap on katana handle

Same - Panels or wrap of ray skin under the tsuka ito

Mekugi - Pegs usually made of bamboo which go through the handle and tang

Fuchi - Metal piece below the tsuba 

Tsuka - Handle

Tsuba - Guard

Seppa - Metal spacers at bottom and top of tsuba

Habaki - Metal collar on blade

Ha - Cutting edge

Mune - Blade Spine

Hamon - Temper Line

Hi - Groove near the mune, sometimes called a blood groove

Sori - measurement of the curvature of a katana

Yakiba - The hardened edge of the katana

Nagasa - Blade Length

Yokote - Line that separates the kissaki from the Ha

Kissaki - Blade tip

Saya - Scabbard

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