Kissaki - Japanese Sword Part
What is a kissaki? If you have been looking at Japanese swords, you may see this term in some of the descriptions. The Kissaki is a very important part of a Japanese sword. Here we will show you a picture of the kissaki and tell you how to identify this sword part and why it is important.


The Kissaki (Pronounced "Kee-Sah-Kee" is the tip portion of a Japanese sword that is separated from the rest of the blade by the yokote, a line where the kissaki geometry starts. You can see this line clearly defined in our picture above. You can find the kissaki on Katanas, Wakizashi and Japanese Tantos. The Kissaki is sharpened just like the rest of the sword, but reinforces the tip for extra piercing ability.

Kissaki Types

The kissaki can vary in size also to give either better cutting performance or more piercing strength. There are more than a few types of kissaki, but on modern Japanese swords they are usually separated into three types: Ko-kissaki or short, Chu-kissaki or medium and O-kissaki or long. Most katanas today have a Chu, or medium kissaki which gives the best of cutting performance and point reinforcement.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the Kissaki. For more on sword parts, check out our Sword Glossary and Samurai Sword Terminology articles.

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