How to Polish A Sword - The Easy Way
Have a sword with some rust or discoloration? We can help. With this guide, we will show you how to polish that sword the easy way and have it looking new in no time! This guide to polishing a sword is mainly for any sword that does not have a high end polish. In other words, we would not suggest this for antiques or super high end katanas as you might end up lowering the swords value as they were already polished by people with years of experience and you can actually devalue a high end katana with this method. If this doesn't concern you, then keep reading below for the easy way to polish your swords.

Be sure to also check out our video on how to polish a sword!

Items Used:

1. Microfiber cloth

Time to complete:

Depending on the size of your blade and your experience the time to polish your sword can vary. Generally, it takes us about 10-15 minutes using this method for an average sword.

Difficulty. Easy

Steps to Easily Polish A Sword

Step 1

Clear out a space on a table or workbench big enough to work with the sword you are polishing. Make sure you have ample light to see the blade. Inspect the blade and fittings to see what you wish to polish. We also recommend putting a towel or old shirt under the sword to keep the sword and the polish from damaging your workspace. You can polish just one part of the sword or the whole blade depending on the results you want to achieve. You can also polish any metal fittings with the metal glo, but if they have a colored finish, this might also come off with the polish. If you are polishing a sharpened sword, we recommend heavy gloves and extreme caution.

Step 2

Get open your metal glo and put a few dots down the blade or if you are polishing a small part, just a single dot. You do not need a lot of the paste to polish. Using too much will not only waste it, you will have more polish to wipe off at the end. Always use less than you think you will need.

Step 3

Take your cloth and where the polish is, rub the area in a back and forth motion. You do not need a lot of pressure and should start to see the effects rather quickly.  For stubborn spots, use the tip of your finger in the cloth and rub with a little more pressure. Your cloth will get very dirty from the polish as it removes tiny amounts of metal and junk from the blade. Move to a clean spot on your cloth and continue this until all the polish has been removed. You should now be left with a very shiny finish. When you get more comfortable you will be able to do entire blades on both sides at the same time. 

We hope this guide to polishing a sword the easy way has helped. If you have any questions or tips you think we may have missed, leave a comment below.

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