Habaki - Japanese Sword Part
What is a Habaki?

A Habaki (Pronounced "Hah-Bah-Kee" is a part of the Japanese sword which the blade sits in above the tsuka, typically made of brass. The Habaki is integral to the Japanese sword design and can be found on the Katana, Wakizashi, Odachi, tanto and just about every other Japanese sword. Some Habaki have designs carved into them making them a part of the beautiful aesthetic of the Japanese sword.

What Is The Habaki For?

A habaki not only strengthens the construction of a Japanese sword, but is also responsible for holding the sword in it's saya. When sheathed, the Habaki creates just enough friction with the wood inside the saya to hold the sword inside without being too tight, so the sword can easily be drawn with just a little push from the thumb. A loose saya fit on a Japanese sword can be very dangerous, but is easily fixed with a shim.

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