Welcome to buyswords.com friends! Our website is dedicated to bringing you swords and related items from all over the world and delivering them to your doorstep. Buyswords.com may be a newer website, but we have over 15 years in the sword industry. In our past efforts, we were one of the largest sword dealers on the internet with tens of thousands of customers worldwide. We will strive to be the best place to buy swords on the internet and bring you the best customer service possible. 

Why Buy Swords From Us?

Because we are named BUY SWORDS! But seriously, we have a few reasons why you may want to buy swords and related merchandise from our little shop located in Northeast Pennsylvania USA. 

1. If the item says "In Stock", then it is ready to ship. Not in a week, but TODAY. (As long as it is not a major holiday or a weekend) We stock all of our items here in our building. If the item is not in stock, it will say so and you will not be allowed to order it. Otherwise, we may take pre-orders on some items, but it will be clearly stated right on the page and you will not be formally charged until it ships. If it says IN STOCK, it is ready to ship.  If you order Monday through Friday you will receive a tracking number either the same day or the next business day.

2. We know Swords. We were collecting swords way before we started selling them. When we write descriptions, we write them truthfully and give you all of the answers you might not even have asked. Each item on our site has a detailed description with ACTUAL measurements and weights. Sometimes, we will even give some colorful opinions on the items. Each item also has a product features section. Clicking on this will give you what the sword or item is made out of as well as the type, whether battle ready or just for display and if it is sharpened.

3. We take ACTUAL pictures of ALL products. We give you high definition pictures with all of the details, even some most sellers would want to hide. Swords are rarely perfect, that's part of their charm. We want to show you as much as we can about any sword or item you wish to purchase. Also, it gives us a chance to do one of our favorite things: Handle new swords! We also post videos of a lot of our swords on our youtube page.

4. We care. You are not just a number to us. We want to build relationships with our customers. Hopefully get to know you by name. (Even if you insist we call you Aragorn) If you want, give us a call or shoot us a message from our contact us page. We ALWAYS answer and no question is foolish to us. Whether you are an elitist or a beginner, we want to help! You can also post questions right on a product page and be answered by us or other customers. We hope to bring some of the sword community together and enjoy what we all love. 

Looking forward to serving you in the future!

Buyswords.com Team